Quantum Mind

by MD Hanley

Imagine a world where the Earth is a living, sentient being. In this thrilling adventure, Kat and her twin brother Pat meet Alder, an ancient visitor from a distant planet on a mission to reconnect Earth with a group of sentient planets quantumly connected across the universe. Armed with colorful stones that unlock their special quantum abilities, Kat and Pat join forces with Alder to manipulate the world around them and complete their sacred mission. But danger lurks at every turn as other ancient settlers try to stop them. From the ancient stone monuments of Ireland and England, Kat and Pat race against time to create a connection. Will they succeed or will their mission fail? Find out in this exciting page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
If you liked “I am number four” movie or Julian May’s books “Saga of Pliocene Exile” you will love this.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure