Punch-Girl: A Suspenseful Action Thriller (Punch-Girl Book 1)

by J.M. Reilly

If superheroes have one downside, it’s supervillains.

Superhero work is dangerous and expensive. Few attempt the job. Even fewer succeed. The celebrity superheroes get all the attention and applause, but one of them just died.

The fallen hero was an icon, and Punch-Girl wants to fill his boots. Punch-Girl is skilled and ready, but she is unknown. So she hires a marketing firm to position her among the big names. Just when her campaign takes off, a rising supervillain steals her thunder.

The Minister, a charismatic and mysterious criminal, divides the city and makes Punch-Girl look foolish and unworthy. But Punch-Girl’s troubles have just begun. The Minister came here for a reason. He has a terrible secret, which will alter Punch-Girl’s life forever. Worse, as Punch-Girl battles, losing ground to The Minister, their fight attracts a new evil with deadly plans for both of them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure