Princess of Prophecy

by Alexander Thomas

“Determinedly amusing; a playful swipe at the quest genre (and society)… OUR VERDICT: GET IT”
— Kirkus Reviews

A soothsayer promises timeless romance to anyone that defeats an invincible sorcerer king three times. Would you mess with a prophecy like that?

You might, if it messed with you first.

Princess Maryan flees an arranged marriage and takes up the challenge of the prophecy. In her way stand ravaging hordes of the undead, ignorant politicians, and her own conniving parents. She tries to recruit great warriors to her cause, but she’s stuck with a bankrupt knight, a magic-less mage, and an ex-barbarian.

Yet when battle is joined, even the unluckiest of failures can become heroes. And that’s convenient, since the survival of many kingdoms are at stake, and this is one prophecy that no one should trust.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic