Prince of Shadows

by R.J. Vickers

Twenty years ago, the enchanted Wandering Woods saved Baylore from the Whitish when they picked up their roots and formed a living wall around the city.

Now, Prince Daymin is the only one who can keep the forest wall in place.

As the Whitish prepare once more to attack, the alliance between Baylore and the people of the forest grows strained. If the forest abandons Baylore, it will mean the end of the city and the wholesale slaughter of the magic races. But the people of the forest have no allegiance to the city.

Time is running out. When Daymin’s mother embarks on a dangerous quest to forge an alliance that might save Baylore, Daymin is forced to take the throne he never wanted. Though he is untested and lacking in confidence, he must lead his people into battle—or watch as the last free city of magic falls to the Whitish.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic