Phoenixheart: Born From Ashes

by Arthur Quill

A captivating tale of resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding power of choice.

The kingdom of Rulara is at peaceā€¦ for now. Held together by innovation and belief, and led by the broken magic of an old religion, the humans celebrate their golden age even as the land dies around them. Only savage outlanders resist their rule, like the barbaric raiders and pagan-worshiping shai-el.

With an old darkness returning, two outcasts from opposite societies are the last hope anyone would pick, and the last hope the kingdom has. Destiny comes at the cost of their dreams.

Phoenixheart is a gripping tale of self-discovery, sacrifice, and the relentless power of choice, where two souls from vastly different worlds find their fates forever intertwined.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age