Phoebe (The Delphic Oracle) and The Medallion of Gaia

by PanOrpheus

Meet Phoebe, the street-savvy Spirit of the mythical 3rd oracle of the Temple of Delphi! She’s in search of the ancient relic, the Medallion of Gaia. Phoebe goes to San Francisco in 1951 and hires a detective to help her. There’s lots of film noir action including a ’49 Buick, an Indian Motorcycle, speedboats, the Red Baron’s Triplane, and some new characters are introduced. We meet the Reporter…an Android who edits The Newspaper…a futuristic Internet that reaches ‘trillions of Beings in all times realms and places’. We also meet the evil vile Livia, a sister of the Reporter who is an android gone bad, and her sidekick the Peter Lorre-like Joel. In the 2nd part of the book Phoebe’s still looking for the Medallion in the future in a Cylindrical City Caral II that orbits Titan Saturn’s Mystery Moon. It all ends in a hearing room in Washington in 1951.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical