Path of the Goddess: Dawn of the Dragon Riders, Part One

by Wendy Blanton

The end is coming and the Goddess has chosen… a 12-year-old human girl?

A decades-long war has ground to a temporary stalemate and both sides are seeking a way to victory, whether by sword or by unconventional means. When young Nevanthi starts having prophetic dreams concerning an impending battle her people have no chance of winning, options must be evaluated. They seek out the Goddess’s advice.

Their only hope is for a small band to venture out into the wilds to recruit a dragon to their war effort. Nevanthi has been selected by the Goddess herself to round out the group going on the treacherous mission full of unknowns. What exactly the Goddess sees in her, no one can fathom, and clashing orders between the Goddess, the king, and the elders only complicate things further as their enemy prepares to strike a fatal blow.

But one thing is certain: the dragon is the key.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery