Path of Ruin

by Tim Paulson

War has come…

…The castle will fall.

The only question now… is who can survive?

When Henri fled with his five-year-old son Adem to the frontier he was desperate to hide the boy. An outsider and the son of a former slave, he’s worked hard to win over their village.

This has given Henri little time to monitor his son, whose power is growing.

Goliath knight Mia is a loner who’s never questioned where the power of her weapons came from or where her orders lead her.

That’s about to change.

When the armies of Baron Halett and the Empire clash, shattering twenty years of hard-won peace, the time for words will end and the time of swords, vengeance and murder, will begin.

Set during an age of exploitation and plunder where ancient magic has been harnessed to power great goliaths of war, you’ll love this thrilling epic fantasy adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Betrayal at Goliath Gate

by Tim Paulson

The sharpest blade…

…is the one in your back.

Will fate’s cruel fingers slay a king?

After barely surviving her ordeal at the Veil Institute, Mia’s had enough of Faustland.

There’s just one last obligation she has to see through before she takes Adem and moves on. She might return home to Miran or sell her services elsewhere, but wherever it is, it’ll be far away.

Baroness Christine has a plan to recapture her stolen lands. It’ll be risky, but that’s never stopped her before and she won’t let it this time either. With Mia, Liam, Harald and Aaron, she knows it can be done. The only thing that matters to her is the mission…

…losses are to be expected.

Neither of them know that Chester Buckley has clawed his way back to health.

He’s made a pact with an ancient creature of power with only one goal on its mind: Revenge.

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