Pain Seeker (The New Orleans Shade #1)

by D.N. Hoxa

I used to be a sister, a friend, a ruler of the elflands that belonged to my family’s House. Now, I am a prisoner of the fae, my kind’s sworn enemy since the beginning of time. They put chains around me, thinking they can keep me from breaking free and taking their lives. They can’t.
The only reason I stay is because I no longer need a life. My home, my family, my dignity were all taken away from me.
But I have the fae. My captor.
He is every bit the man I was taught to hate, long before I knew how to love anything. To the world, he is the ruthless Winter prince who has never lost a battle against elves in his life. To me, his pain whispers other truths.
He’s a prisoner in his castle just as much as I am.
They sent him here to kill his soul.
They sent me here to kill my body.
What they didn’t see coming was that we’d find each other. And that we’d survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban