Out of Tomorrow

by Amelia Amison

Before he was anything else, 17 years-old Max Andreus was a time traveler. Born into one of the four Great Families constituting the Time Agency, Max and his kin are tasked with protecting the timeline from the malfeasance of their rogue counterparts.
But after Max breaks the agency rules, he inadvertently launches a chain of consequences that puts both the timeline and his closest friends and family in extreme danger.

Together with his sister Kate, his best friend Talia (and his secret crush, Parish), they track down a mysterious killer who is taking out agents throughout history. Sinister secrets unfurl as the trio face mysterious allies, shadowy mind readers, and above it all: the growing pains of being teenagers charged with keeping the order. Failure would mean the end of the timeline. Success means confronting the ones you love. When you’re 17 – it’s hard to decide which is w

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age