Out of Time

by Mikhail Gladkikh

The year 2057AD. Mankind is exploring the outer planets, but something goes terribly wrong. A probe is destroyed by the extreme gravitational force on the satellite of Uranus, and another anomaly sets the Moon on a collision course with Earth.
Olivia Murphy, a Science Advisor to the President of the USA, orchestrates the creation of the UN Task Force consisting of the most prominent scientists. Meanwhile, Jim Steel, a college student, discovers he can foresee the future. The visions set him on a dangerous path he does not want to take.
As Olivia attempts to shield the Task Force from the geopolitical intrigues and Jim learns how to handle his ability, a web of seemingly unrelated events entangles them. While governments and corporations fight for the mastery of space-time, a college student must carry the weight of the Universe on his shoulders.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction