by J. Zachary Pike

High comedy meets high fantasy in an award-winning, best selling satire. When Gorm Ingerson, a disgraced and drunken Dwarven ex-hero with a checkered past, stands up for an undocumented Goblin, he is forced to accept a suicidal quest to save himself and his new friend from certain death. With one shot at redemption, Gorm must get his party of eccentric misfits to stop fighting each other long enough to recover a stolen treasure and stay one step ahead of the powerful organizations showing an unusual interest in their progress. Through a series of unfortunate choices and with the guiding hand of an insane goddess, Gorm inadvertently sets off a chain of events that will change his life—and the world—forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Son of a Liche

by J. Zachary Pike

The second book of the Dark Profit Saga pits Gorm and his fellow heroes against dark sorcery, the risen dead, and-worst of all-marketing. But as the greatest threat Arth has seen in an age emerges, fueled by dark magic and direct marketing, the only thing Andarun’s elite seem to care about are their profit margins. When markets start collapsing, political and business leaders start dying, and cities fall only to rise again, it seems as though the gods have abandoned the people of Arth. At the center of it all, Gorm Ingerson and his fellow Heroes of Destiny may be the only party able to save the world. Can Gorm overcome corrupt, money-hungry corporations, crooked politicians, ancient magics, angry Orcs, inter-party strife, nefarious magical artifacts, war profiteers, and the risen dead to change the face of Arth-and how it does business-forever?

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