On Borrowed Luck

by TJ Muir

A common thief. A ruthless nobleman. A sinister pact that may save his life but cost his soul…

Kirrin knows he could rise above the gutter if he can just catch a break. Beaten, bullied, and desperate, he resorts to stealing from a powerful ruler just to survive. But when he is inevitably caught, his choice is simple: serve or die.

Training under mystic master fighters, Kirrin quickly becomes a deadly instrument. And driven by his ambition, he’s assigned increasingly dangerous crimes to develop his cunning and push him to his limits. But when a mission goes wrong, he realizes he may be trapped in the evil lord’s bid to fulfill a dark prophecy.

In a city ruled by shades of gray, will Kirrin walk the path of light or allow himself to be consumed by darkness?

On Borrowed Luck is the first book in the compelling Chanmyr Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like moral quandaries, gritty worlds, and action-packed twists and turns, then you’ll love TJ Muir’s enthralling tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic