Olde Robin Hood

by Kate Danley

“This epic fantasy retelling of a classic story delivers characters both new and familiar…A tried-and-true heroic tale made fresh with novelty and well-researched details.” -KIRKUS REVIEWS

Exiled for an unjust crime and forced to use whatever means necessary to survive, a figure of hope emerges from Sherwood Forest.

But what most people know about Robin Hood (the enemy of Prince John and nobleman loyal to King Richard) was an invention of a playwright nearly three hundred years after Robin Hood died.

However, there are older stories about the real Robin Hood.

USA Today bestselling author Kate Danley weaves the original 13th century ballads, Robin Hood traditions passed down through ancient pagan rites, and recent historical evidence into a swashbuckling epic fantasy. Enter a world of adventure and chivalry as you discover man behind the myth, as you meet Olde Robin Hood.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends