Off Track

by Neil Bullock

She thought she was the only human left. She was wrong.

Every living thing on Earth is dead, the victim of some inexplicable catastrophe. Violinist Eden Lucas believes she is the only member of her species left. As she grapples with her despair, she comes across a sinister train hovering above the ground. Desperately hoping to find other survivors, she climbs aboard. But what she finds only deepens the mystery of what happened to her planet.

Meals that appear as if from thin air; doors that open into a howling void; new friends whose ages and experiences don’t seem to make any sense. Each new discovery seems to place Eden and her new friends in greater danger.

Can they stop the malevolent force that controls the train before it’s too late? Can they solve the mysteries of the train, and in doing so, learn the secrets of the universe?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure