by Andy Blinston

They stole a part of him…

…the greatest part.

But what was it, and what happened to his memories?

Waking on a still battlefield, he knew he must be a great fighter, because all around were the bodies of lesser warriors. As he gathered himself up, he had but a singular memory that haunted him.

There was one more thing.

Not as much memory as sense.

He was an assassin of gods.

In the midst of a centuries-old war between the human empire and hellish invaders, Darius finds his name uttered with terror and curses by both sides.

How do you fight when you don’t know on which side you belong?

You’ll love this unique Fantasy adventure, because Darius, his loyal panther, and his only friend, Alexandra, are underdogs against a sinister evil who wants to finish what he started.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic