Nocturne: Resurrection

by G.A. Tinsley

The dead will live again.

Born to a farmer in anglo-saxon England, Evelida Grey absorbs the essence of a race of long-dead blood drinkers.

Biologically immortal and with superhuman capability, after eight centuries of damnation and loss the beautiful vampire engages the attention of a shy yet brilliant anatomist in a desire to understand her place in the world.

Through subterfuge and intrigue, she places herself near the distinguished surgeon, James Dalton, finding herself drawn into the nightmare world of bodysnatchers and murderers that keep the anatomists of 1800’s London supplied with bodies.
The Resurrection-Men are the true power in the South London underworld, and none may stand against them.

No-one, however, would believe that the pale young woman with gleaming eyes is the most dangerous thing on London’s streets.
And as the dead begin to rise, so does her thirst . .

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Category: Fantasy – Historical