by Kris Ruhler

The battle is over. But the war has yet to come.
JUNIPER and her friends’ narrow escape from the New Realm station revealed something sinister: Phase Three, a new form of mind control, will be unleashed to incite a war. Millions could die.
Including Mino.
Juniper will do whatever it takes to save him. To do so, she must locate Anders Moore, the only person with the means to stop Phase Three. But when Juniper is kidnapped and forced to join the Novayr Workforce Initiative, her plans unravel.
ASTOR vows to find Juniper, even if it means duping his estranged aunt. Along with his friends, he sets off into the city—and soon realizes there’s far more to Novayr than what he’s been told.
The truth is more treacherous than any of them realize.
While navigating this complex web of lies and politics, will Juniper and her friends survive and stop Phase Three in time?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk