Myth Of The Dragon Boxed Set 2: Books 4-6

by Michael Anderle

Kaylin has been stuck in Waypoint for too long.

She’s been busy fighting and leading the resistance, and she’s set to run her own crew, but that’s not much good if she’s still stuck in this city.

She was made for more than this.

Every day, Kaylin feels the urge growing, like an itch in the back of her mind.

And the Mountain… The Mountain is calling to her.

So what’s a girl to do but carve her way out of this bloody mess?

There’s no better way to get where she needs to be than to win the fight. But against an entrenched enemy, winning the freedom to scratch her itch is going to take guts, cunning, and no small amount of recklessness.

Good thing Kaylin has an abundance of all three.

Included in this boxed set:
4. The Anarchist-Mage of Ziammotienth
5. The Rebel-Mage of Ziammotienth
6. The War-Mage of Ziammotienth

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Category: Fantasy – Epic