My Past Lives and How They Came Back to Haunt Me

by Acacia Lawson

My Past Lives And How They Came Back to Haunt Me is an epic multi-period piece based on Acacia’s soul journeys into past lifetime regression; recounting beautiful (and oftentimes raw) realities, and delivered through the eyes of 10 independent characters, each coming to the end of their life, with a pulse-pounding 24 hours left to live.

From a savage Mongolian warlord who is outsmarted by a clever witch to a fantasy Priestess who summons storms to stop enemy soldiers from landing on the beach and killing her people, the book is ripe with political maneuvering, ceremony, swordplay, and scintillating scenes.

My Past Lives invites readers to discover that there is no escaping the past until it is brought to the surface and healed, breaking the repetitive cycle of excruciating lessons. Only then will the soul be free to experience this current life in all of its joy, love and variety.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure