Mission: Nutcracker

by Cecilia Dominic

A tinkerer determined to make her own destiny. A young man seeking redemption. An infestation of intelligent mice and a mass kidnapping by Nutcracker automatons…It’s a holiday nightmare in Terminus.

As Fiona and Devon close in on the rogue inventor behind the strange occurrences, the evil genius stalks them in turn. The solution – and missing tinkerers – can only be found through a delicate dance of machine and aether-driven magic. But will Devon and Fiona discover the steps in time to save their own lives and those of the tinkerers? Or will Terminus be plunged into dark days of being ruled by a stubborn few with the help of aether-driven automatons?

If you like steampunk mysteries, stories based on nineteenth-century tales, secret agents who specialize in occult matters, and feisty heroines, you’ll love Mission: Nutcracker.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk