Metal Angels – Part One

by D K Girl

Two estranged sisters. One apocalyptic problem.

When Kira Beckworth receives a late night call from her sister Blake, little does she know she’s downing her Margarita to head off and save the world.
Blake is a bio-engineering genius. She works at the Facility alongside a team of mysterious beings called the Syrana.
Blake never says a word about her top-secret projects. Now, she’s not only telling Kira about Azrael, she’s asking her sister to smuggle him out of the Facility, and keep him hidden.
Okay, so Azrael isn’t hard to look at, for someone who is more metal than man, but being on the run wasn’t exactly on Kira’s list of Friday night must-dos.
And if Blake is desperate enough to ask for Kira’s help, then something is very wrong.
Here-comes-the-apocalypse kind of wrong.
So what the hell is Blake getting Kira messed up in? And will either of them survive it?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban