Mercy Rising: The Prophecy

by DC Little

Their survival depends on Mercy rising.

At least, that is what Mercy has been told her entire life. It has been twenty years since she has been born. Twenty years since the World Before had gone dark from a strange natural disaster. Twenty years of her family, and their small community of Zion, living off the land in a hidden ravine far away from the chaos in the cities.

Mercy fights against the role she is told she plays in the coming storm they had been preparing for most of her life. Daily training, drills, and an entire lifestyle that built a warrior community, all for a possibility that has never come.

Yet, when on a solo hunting trip, she finds an unconscious man with eyes that are as familiar as her dreams, her world dramatically shifts and she realizes why her father, the leader of Zion, has been training them.

Would Zion be able to stay out of the coming chaos?

Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic