Max & The Captain Books 1-3 Box Set

by Michael Evan & JMD Reid


Meet Jamie, known as The Captain. He’s a typical goodhearted, 24-year-old dude with a fairly normal life… Except his roommate is a 450 pound talking panda named Max.

The Captain spends most of his time keeping his large friend’s hunger for bamboo satisfied, until he meets the love of his life, and Max gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Now the duo are living their boss life, but when dreams and reality begin to blend together, can The Captain survive the horror of his own mind?

Michael Evan & JMD Reid brings you a new Everyman hero and a panda for the pandemic era.

But when is life ever simple?

Max and the Captain are about to be thrown in the machinations of the Evil Scribe. This dastardly villain is rewriting the Captain’s life. If he wants to kepe it, he’ll have to plunge into the surreal world of gamelit fantasy.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban