Mars Colony Chronicles (Books 1 – 5): A Space Opera Box Set Adventure

by Brandon Ellis

Thief, grave robber, savior of humanity!

Ozzy Mack went to Mars to make money. The newly discovered ancient ruins were a gold mine for the black-market archeologist.

When aliens invade, wiping out all life on earth, Mars becomes the last bastion of humanity. The plague the aliens used on Earth is coming to Mars…

However, the human race doesn’t roll over and die. The cure might be in the Martian ruins and there’s one man on the planet who can solve the riddle.

Ozzy’s running out of time. If he can’t decipher the ancient relics his daughter will die, along with the remains of human civilization!

Grab your spacesuit and help save mankind! Buy Martian Plague now!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure