Magic Transformed: Twisted Curse Book Four

by D. J. Dalton

When life twists out of control, can a time-crunched elemental sorceress re-balance the universe before it spins into destruction?

Keren Stewart’s guilt is crushing. After accidentally unleashing a plague among the fox shifters, the young mage is willing to take deadly risks to right the wrong. With her black mood worsening under pressure from an increasingly impatient elf princess, she’s devastated when her beloved sister is kidnapped by a powerful evil.

Convinced that giving in to the royal’s demands could buy her enough breathing room to save the world, Keren struggles to deal with the mounting magical emergencies. But with foes circling, her perilous path to victory may depend on forming a dangerous pact with unlikely allies.

Is the enemy of her enemy a friend or her worst nightmare?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary