Magic Restrained

by Coralie Moss

Maritza Brodeur–born to a witch in a graveyard in México–was blessed with the ability to commune with the deceased and cross into realms where spirits dance and secrets are buried.

Set to welcome her new apprentice over dinner, Maritza watches her life come undone by the revelation of the Brodeur family curse.

Alabastair Nekrosine–descended from a line of celebrated necromancers–has tended to the departed from the moment he could grasp a child-sized Death Rattle. Meeting his new mentor, his extreme confidence may salvage the evening’s festivities–or cause his ruin.

With less than twenty-four hours to answer the curse’s summons, will Maritza and Alabastair reject its demands and suffer the consequences, or embrace the restraints of fate?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban