Magic Eclipse

by Ella Summers

They were lovers. Now they’re enemies.

A magic shock wave cuts across the world—fracturing reality, leaving only a dark Shadow World in its place.

Sera is caught in an ancient supernatural war. But when people from both sides begin to go missing, she teams up with the enemy’s commander. She soon discovers that the mysterious fog rolling across San Francisco is only half as dangerous as the sexy, powerful dragon-shifting mage who brings out memories in her of a forgotten world.

As the commander fighting against Sera’s people, it is Kai’s sworn duty to hate her. But as they work together to fight the magic fog plaguing the city, he finds himself drawn to her in ways he cannot understand. Their new alliance is tested, however, when they begin to realize that someone close to them is behind the dark spell—and that the fog is more than it seems.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban