Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War (Books 1-3)

by C. Thomas Lafollette

Luke Irontree minds his business and leaves mortal humans alone. But if you’re a vampire, he has a magic sword and a silver-inlaid stake for you.

Every night, the immortal vampire slayer haunts the streets of Portland, hunting vamps and protecting innocent people from becoming vampire chow. Then, he goes home alone to his quiet house and his cat, Alfred. This is his life.

But when he runs into a local werewolf pack, he has two choices – continue his lonely hunt or a take a chance on making friends. Allies would make the job easier, especially with hordes of bloodthirsty vampires flooding the streets. However, trusting means opening himself to betrayal and loss.

He might not have a choice though. When a contact at a homeless camp is kidnapped and every plan is foiled, Luke must reach out for help and risk everything to save those he failed…

This boxset contains three novels.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Empire Reborn

by C. Thomas Lafollette

Luke Irontree has hunted vampires all over the world, but now it’s time to return to the land of his birth.

When a friend calls for aid, Luke and his werewolf friends must respond. Vampires are attacking his friend’s pack, and they suspect betrayal from within. As soon as Luke and his crew lands, the vampires strike, kidnapping his friend. Luke is forced to go underground, relying on the protections of an ancient god.

Now Luke and his team are on the run, eight people in a sea of enemies and allies with unknown loyalties. They have no idea who to trust. Hunted across multiple countries, Luke is left with nothing but desperate choices if he wants to make it out alive…

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