Lucky Universe | Lucky’s Marines Book 1

by Joshua James


Like “Jason Bourne” had a baby with “Aliens” and raised it on “Starship Troopers.” Gritty. Fast-Paced. Addictive.

Ambushed behind enemy lines and left for dead along with a handful of privates so green they actually respect his authority, Lance Cpl. Lucky Lee Savage has to master his inner demons, manage the ambitions of his foul-mouthed AI, and figure out what is tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time before everything goes tits up.

Lucky wouldn’t bet on the universe. One thing he will bet on: Somewhere, somehow, somebody is going to pay for all this. And he is going to be right there to pull the trigger.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Lucky Legacy

by Joshua James

A dark evil has risen from the ashes, and once again mankind’s only hope is Lucky Savage, a Marine with no hope for mankind. And an itchy trigger finger.

Stopping an invading alien horde was one thing, but now Lucky & Co. face something far worse: Notoriety. As alien races arrive and the dynamic of the universe shifts, the original conspirators among mankind’s ranks prepare to turn the tide of change back in their favor. And they have everything they need right inside Lucky’s head.

Little do they know that there is something far more sinister riding shotgun in Lucky’s fractured mind: An ancient evil that will stop at nothing to cleanse the universe of all living things.

Previously $4.99