Lost Time: Part One [SECOND SKYN]

by Damien Boyes

FInsbury Gage should be dead.

Finsbury and his wife were smeared across the highway by a crazed man driving a stolen urban assault vehicle. Finsbury hung together long enough for the Second Skyn recovery team to arrive and save his mind. His wife wasn’t so lucky.

Restored to life, Finsbury now hunts rogue minds for the Toronto Police Service’s Psychorithm Crime Unit while secretly searching a dangerous underworld of plastic minds and enhanced bodies for his wife’s killer.

He’s conflicted, torn between staying true to who he was and accepting what he’s become—something both more, and less, than human.

But once he’s tasted the power of thought at the speed of light, able to predict seconds into the future, how will he ever go back? And once he’s relaxed his hold on humanity, how far will he let it slip to find justice for his wife?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk