Live Soldier

by Liam Clay

I wasn’t always a marine with a government camera in my eye. Before they hacked my head, stole my daughter and sent me to war, I sold drugs to plastic celebrities in the clouds. Not the most honest of professions, I know. But this world is broken, and although my city presents a glittering face to the ruins, it was built on the same rotten foundations. Here, you do what you can to survive.

Then I made a mistake. Sold a good time to bad people, implicated myself in a terrorist attack on an A-list star. And the violence didn’t end there. Now the poor have been accused of killing the rich, and to atone for our supposed sins, we are being trained for battle.

The task ahead of us sounds insane. Infiltrate the island stronghold of the most advanced scientist on earth. Learn its weaknesses, and lead an army to conquer it.

It doesn’t sound humanly possible. But then, I’m not fully human…

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk