Lethal Seasons

by Alice Sabo

In the near future, a virus has whittled down the human race. Cities are empty, farms deserted, factories abandoned. The world is running on a skeleton crew in a world ravaged by extreme weather.
Nick lives at High Meadow med center. The people there stay hopeful as they work toward self-sufficiency. He counts survivors for Angus’s research. He wants his life to stay as normal as possible in a world he barely understands.
Wisp is a fugitive biobot. He lives off the land, moving from town to town, hiding his extrasensory skills. Silence and subterfuge keep him alive.
Lily is a young girl with long brown hair and eyes the color of ripe cherries. She is searching for her brother. She is part of something that started before her birth.
When these three lives intersect, a chain reaction of death and violence will change the course of the future and impact the very survival of the human race.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic