Learning How to Fly

by Taylor A Ellwood

Nelson is a superhero with an embarrassing problem…

He can’t fly very well and he’s been ordered to attend remedial flying school. If he doesn’t pass the class he’ll lost his superhero license and have to work at the weather bureau.

But a class in remedial flying is just the beginning of his problems.

His girlfriend thinks he’s self-obsessed, and his mom won’t get off his case about not living up to the family legacy.

When Nelson is framed for a crime and sent to the Defining Center of Adjustments, the sinister warden Pretty Boy will challenge everything he thought he knew about being a hero.

If Nelson can’t get his act together and realize that what makes a superhero isn’t the costume, but the actions the superhero takes, he might lose more than his career.

He might lose his life and everyone important to him.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure