Kurtherian Age of Expansion Starter Pack

by Michael Anderle and other authors

Experience exciting sci-fi sagas with six book ones from six series in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe –Age of Expansion.

How Molly has survived military life this long, we’ll never know. When her implanted computer interface is hacked by a nascent AI, Molly has to escape.

What’s more, her new “companion” has a spunky attitude which only complicates matters further.

And her biggest problem?

The swiftest and most efficient way to get out is also the most embarrassing.

What could possibly go wrong?

Beyond the Frontiers
When Nickie accidentally activates her special functions and finds herself with a stolen ship full of hostile Skaine, she has no choice but to figure out what to do with the cards she has been dealt. Join Nickie, and The Kurtherian Gambit’s original Ranger 2, Tabitha, on these rip-roaring, bar-brawling adventures to save the frontier.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire