King Kong Lives

by Brenda Elkin

The Japanese fishing trawler Jago attempted to navigate a calm but dense fog bank off the coast of Madagascar in the spring of 1989. However, after the trawler failed to return to port, the Japanese Navy launched a massive search for the ship. They discovered the wreckage on a mountaintop 1000 feet above the ground 26 days later. It looked like something threw it but they did not find the crew.

Then in 2022, it happened again. But this time, with a 500-foot fishing vessel, “Calvin Coolidge, ” based out of Nome, Alaska, also ventured too close to the island, there were witnesses. The Capt.’s log stated. The creature approached the shoreline, causing impact tremors with a 2000-ton frame. Terrified, the captain attempted to radio a distress call, an SOS.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure