Keepers of the Stone: The Complete Historical Fantasy Trilogy

by Andrew Anzur Clement

An orphan raised by a fanatical Sect of thieves, Malka has already sacrificed the lives of her people to protect the magical diamond she carries from the Urumi’s demonic Order.
Stas, the courageous son of a Polish refugee learns he is being sent home to a continent he has never visited. But the Urumi have their own plans for Stas, placing his closest friend, Nell, in great danger. He will have to embark on a perilous journey of his own if he is to have any hope of saving her.
Trapped in unfamiliar parts the globe and confronted with mystical arts they do not understand, Stas and Malka must struggle to find allies, battle the Urumi and uncover their common path to the stone’s cataclysmic final purpose.
Whether they know it or not, an epic quest has just begun….

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Category: Fantasy – Historical