Keeper of the Sword (The Alex 9 Saga)

by Bruno Martins Soares

Who is Alex 9? Is she the one foretold? Does she bear the fate of the galaxy?
It’s the 22nd century and the Corporate Wars rage through our Solar System. Alex 9, an elite commando on a crucial mission, finds herself in Deep Space. Something went wrong with her ship, and she ends up on a planet much like Earth – a world at war where Humanity is still in the Middle Ages. Armies of knights, bowmen and spearmen clash as empires fight to death and alliances are stretched to the limit. But is Alex there by accident? A mysterious prophecy seems to have predicted her coming. And why is she in possession of the deadly Japanese Sword of the Dragon, once the prize of the Takahashi-McNamara Corporation? What secret powers are at work? In this new world, she will have to find a new family, a new mission and her own destiny.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure