Jophiel’s Secret

by Johanna Frank

A feel-good supernatural fiction, packed with family drama and adventure; sure to please all fantasy genre lovers.

He fell to earth, and now he’s missing. All he wants is to go home.

When the powerful angelic escort, Jophiel, falls to earth and becomes a cherished son, Joppha, but then goes missing, a cosmic battle ensues over the young lad’s mortality. Kingdom Authoritarians conspire to outsmart the Rebel’s vengeful plan to destroy little Joppha and sabotage his eternity.

Meanwhile in small town Havensight, law enforcement clash with Joppha’s family as they scramble to find someone to blame.

If you like stories that take place in a world beyond, you will definitely enjoy Jophiel’s Secret.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban