It Rained Red Upon The Arena

by Kenneth Champion

Nick Bint is a seventeen year old who believes he has his life entirely planned out. Once he is eighteen he will become an honored Refect – sworn to protect the crown and the civilians living in the Hentrio Kingdom. But, on one fateful night, Nick finds himself holding a bloodied dagger in his right hand and the Refect soldiers arresting him.

Nick is sentenced to serve two years in the worst place in the world – the arena. He must fight to the death against one other combatant who either specialize in destructive magic or swordsmanship. The odds are not in his favor. How can such of a young man out match such experienced fighters?

The arena is the foundation for the epic quest the Kingdom Of Hentrio has in store for young Nick.

This is the first novel in the Glory Beyond Battle Trilogy which is full of dragons, magic, and epic battles!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery