Interview with Death

by V. K. Pasanen

This novel tells the story of war correspondent, Nathan Miller, of how he becomes Death’s relief Reaper, and of events he set in motion that led to a poly-mythological Ragnarök in the far future. As his penance, he must now tell these tales from the Afterworld to an audience of immortals that deserve to know before the end of everything. The novel is also an overview of events that will have great significance as the saga unfolds.

In his first tale, Nathan Miller is living the dream. He’s at the pinnacle of success with the perfect wife and family. And thanks to the Man in Black, he’s indestructible (or so it seems). But Nathan’s world is built on lies and regret. As guilt grips him, he finds solace in a devil of a guardian angel. Instead of solace, he finds a spiraling nightmare that ends with a gun at his head and a once in eternity offer from a Man in Black.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban