Inside The Third, Book #2 in the Roll Call Trilogy

by Gwen Mansfield

The Third may think they’re still chasing Avery DeTornada and her quirky, powerful crew, but Avery has other plans.

For five years, The 28 United ran from The Third, strengthening their following of loyal ones. Finally settling in Colony G, located in an abandoned zoo west of the Waters of Erie, Avery, Shaw, and McGinty build an air fleet of zooms and prepare to strike The Third, now relocated in the city of Ash.

Pasha goes rogue, infiltrating The Third with some unexpected followers. With the help of Degnan (The 28 United’s unholy alliance), Pasha abandons Avery’s leadership, creating massive cracks in her strategy.

With escalating danger between The 28 United’s quest for justice and The Third’s determination to hold government control, Avery discovers she is not yet done learning how to make the hard choices of command.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian