by Jack Knight

An assassin on the run. A traitor that threatens the world. A deadly mystery.

Maddi Wessen is hiding from the Hunters, a group of assassins who keep humans from finding out about the supernatural. She was raised to be one of them, so she knows just how much danger she’s in.

When she is invited to join a group of rival assassins, she thinks she just may have a way to stop running. Until Hunters start dying. Someone is creating a new type of supernatural creature, one that can kill the best assassins in the world.

Maddi has to stop whoever is killing the Hunters, or there will be nobody to keep supernatural creatures in line. If the secret gets out, the world will be plunged into chaos.

It would be a lot easier to save their lives, if they weren’t still trying to kill her.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban