by Daniel James

Clyde Williams is a struggling comic book artist, living with the ghost of his recently murdered best friend Kev. But things only get weirder when they are both recruited by Hourglass, a paranormal defense group in order to be trained and educated on their unexpected abilities. Clyde wants no part of anything military or federal, but goes along with it for Kev’s sake, who needs a purpose in his new “post-life”.
Meanwhile, Konstantin Kozlov, a powerful necromancer and ex-KGB agent, has been pulled from a Russian black site and coerced into leading a private military force into Erebus, the lethal and bizarre realms of the dead, for soul profiteering.
In accepting Hourglass’ training, Clyde and Kev have no idea of the dangerous collision course they’re on with Kozlov and his wealthy and shadowy backers, the Cairnwood Society.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban