Horseplay: Labworld Earth Book One

by Cam Daly

It starts with an antimatter detonation in San Francisco. For humanity, the immediate concern is “What happened?” The aliens who just lost their only agent on Earth are desperate to figure out “Who did this?” But the question that must be answered for any of them to survive is “Why?”

Fleet Four assigns the legendary Keryapt Zess to uncover which galactic rival thinks Earth has something worth fighting over. Unfortunately, she isn’t exactly who she used to be. Her enemies might be hiding in plain sight, but she can’t remember doing the things which made her so feared and admired.

With her new human companion Connor, Kery must out-run, out-fight and ultimately out-think the loose alliance of alien conspirators before they can claim control of humanity’s inadvertent invention. Double-crosses, advanced alien weaponry and emotional discovery all factor into the final resolution.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion