Her Second Chance Shifter

by L. MacNaughton

Viola gave up everything to master the art of enchantment. But even her formidable magic powers can’t protect her from the wrath of a fae king when she’s framed for a terrible crime.

Brock is a bear shifter with a bad attitude and a worse temper. When Viola vanished from his life seven years ago, he swore he would never love again. But when she breaks into his downtown bar searching for clues, he can’t just let her walk straight into danger.

The closer Viola gets to the truth, the more she’s tempted by Brock’s fierce and wild strength. Can she risk taking a second chance?

Feel-good urban fantasy packed with magic mayhem, snarky humor, fighting monsters and saving the world, with a sweet love story (PG-13) and a happy ending. Perfect for fans of Annette Marie, Heather G. Harris, K. M. Shea, Lindsay Buroker, and Kenley Davidson.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Her Fae Fake Fiance

by L. MacNaughton

Pretending to be in love with a fae prince is easy. But what happens when the fairy tale starts to feel real?

Tessa’s injury ended her mountain biking career and broke her heart. But her recovery takes a detour when a portal sends her to a world of eerie creatures, haunted ruins, and fae with sharp wits and sharper blades.

Devastatingly handsome fae prince Ademar is unwillingly betrothed to a princess from a distant realm. If Tessa disguises herself as this mystery princess, she could buy time for him to finagle his own freedom. In return, Ademar will sneak Tessa back to her home.

But the masquerade turns deadly when foul invaders lay waste to the fae realm, forcing Tessa and Ademar into a fight for their lives. As the danger grows, so do her feelings. Should she distrust this prince she barely knows? Or will their fake engagement lead to forever after?

Previously $3.99