Heavy (The Weight Of It All)

by J.J. Thorn

‘The Weight Of It All’ follows Terrence as he is gifted the power to view weight by the Goddess. In a world where people are gifted affinities for swords and fire, he is underwhelmed…but his abilities grow, he Ranks up, and he comes to understand how powerful he can be. Terrence is the backdrop for an amazing world of monsters, magic, and dungeons.

And though Terrence is the focus of the story, the series is often told from a couple different perspectives. While Terrence learns about his abilities, his uncle Tom, a veteran dungeoneer, is followed through a dungeon crawl. The story juxtaposes the newness of Terrence as he goes to a ‘magic’ school for Dungeoneers against the real-life threats facing a man who has spent years with his bac

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age