Heart of the Ronin

by Travis Heermann

A fateful duel makes him an outlaw…

… and a demon turns him into a hero.

Thus begins Ken’ishi’s epic journey to discover his past and find service with a worthy master.

Amid ruthless crime lords, capricious spirits, and Mongol spies, Ken’ishi is an orphan and a ronin, a samurai without a master, tossed on the waves of fate and fortune.

His only link to his past is Silver Crane, his father’s sword, a blade that holds its secrets close… Such as the secret of Ken’ishi’s bloodline.

But when he meets the woman of his dreams, he might just discover that his dreams are actually nightmares.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Sword of the Ronin

by Travis Heermann

His sword hides a deadly secret.

But to tell him, it wants blood in payment.

The sword called Silver Crane knows Ken’ishi’s hidden past, the heritage he himself does not.

When Silver Crane is stolen, he must recover it all cost, or else Kazuko, the woman he loves, will die.

Kazuko is in love with this ronin she can never have, trapped in a political marriage with a powerful samurai lord.

But her husband’s scheming chamberlain knows her secret.

And an unstoppable invading horde is on the horizon…

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