Hand of the Executioner

by Sebastian Priest

All the heroes are dead.

The corrupt city of Adelstrad is full of blood, lies and sh#%. If an invading barbarian screaming prayers to unspeakable gods doesn’t kill you, the thugs inside the walls will. Schemes breed like flies in a corpse. Even in death, there is no peace. The alchemists reanimate the fallen as enslaved automata.

Viktor is a defiant criminal. He angered the ruthless Baron and was given a choice: serve or die. Now he grudgingly acts as the state-sanctioned executioner. He carries out the tyrant’s savage parody of justice, secretly fighting for those he can save.

Enter Milletra, a brutal smuggler bearing a hateful grudge against Viktor. She’s hauling a hazardous alchemical cocktail into the city. The lunatic could murder thousands, so Viktor’s superiors want her head. His reward is a pardon, but Milletra won’t be easily dealt with. Even if he does succeed, there’s something insidious lurking in the city, something that could be disastrous if not stopped…

He’s the closest thing we have to a champion. Will he be enough? Buy now to find out!
If you enjoyed Game of Thrones and The Witcher, then you’ll love Hand of the Executioner.

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Category: Dark Fantasy