Hammers in the Wind: The Northern Crusade Book 1

by Christian Warren Freed

The wolves are returning to war!

Peace in the northern kingdoms is shattered the night King Badron of Delranan finds his house invaded, his son dying, and his daughter kidnapped. All signs point to his longtime rival and neighboring kingdom, Rogscroft. Armed with vengeance, he orders his fear army, the Wolfsreik, to deploy east while simultaneously sending a covert team to rescue his daughter.
Led by his pariah brother, Bahr, the group slips into enemy territory only to discover all is not the way it should be. Darkness is afoot in the north. An ancient power stirs deep in the discontented hearts of men, for evil has ways of surviving.

It is a race against time to rescue the princess and, if Bahr can help it, prevent a war.
Fate is not on his side.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery